The mission of Fort Davis UMC is to reach up to Christ,

reach in for growth and reach out with Love.

What We Believe

The Bible & Salvation

We believe that a living relevant faith in Jesus Christ is the answer to our personal and world needs. Therefore, we openly invite people to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. We, also are not afraid to take on the tough questions and situations of our day with a blend of heartfelt faith, open mindedness, and practical action.

We believe that the love of God compels us to reach beyond the walls of our church (making God’s presence real in every day life) and beyond the normal boundaries of people (race and culture, class, background, political parties, etc.). That means that outreach and diversity are growing passions at FD UMC. In a day when polarized religion seems to rule the day, we stand for unity in Christ and see our differences as expressions of the variety of God’s work among us. 

We believe that God calls all people to a life of service in the name of Jesus Christ. Congregational participants and members are called to ministry just as much as the pastors and are encouraged to hear and respond to God’s call both inside and outside the church.

Baptism & Communion

We observe the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We baptize infants and young children, as well as youth and adults. The method of baptism can be by sprinkling, pouring or immersion. We recognize the baptisms of people from other Christian denominations and non-denominations. Baptism is a “once-in-a lifetime” experience, so we do not rebaptize people. We do reaffirm our baptism both as a whole congregation and as individuals in special services each year.
The Lord’s Supper is offered to adults and children who are seeking Jesus. We celebrate the sacrament at least once each month. Our methods of Holy Communion include kneeling at the altar and passing the elements.